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Wine investment

Wine investment

Useful tips for making investments in the wine sector

Have you ever thought about investing in wine?
In recent years, with a view to investments, it has been found useful to diversify one's portfolios, trying to orientate oneself between bonds that often offer very low yields and the continuous movements of the stock market. This is why new investment opportunities have arisen in slightly different and perhaps "anti-crisis" sectors.

One of these investment sectors can be precisely that of collectible wines which in the last 5 years has seen double-digit growth. Investments in fine wine recorded steadily rising returns. Wine, in fact, improves with aging and, due to consumption, becomes rarer.

Like any collector's item, the wine bottle needs special attention to keep its value intact. Among the factors that affect its preciousness, there is certainly conservation: wine is a perishable physical asset, so it must be stored in quality cellars, built by hand to preserve the right levels of temperature, humidity and position of the bottle that follow very specific rules. An unsuitable conservation compromises the quality and value of the wine.

At Winest, we guarantee the creation of made in Italy wineries that meet the highest standards for the correct maintenance of the finest wine bottles, in order to ensure a quality product that lasts over time and acquires ever greater value.

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