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Crafting the best wine cellars: winest's custom design expertise

Our commitment and love for craftsmanship ensure excellent design and construction services for prestigious wine cellars. By combining high quality natural materials with a refined and functional design, we will create a unique environment for each custom wine cellar.

Image of a beautifully designed wine cellar with custom wine racks and ambient lighting

At Winest, we are dedicated to crafting the best wine cellars that reflect your passion for fine wines. Our commitment and love for craftsmanship shine through in our excellent design and construction services for prestigious wine cellars.
By combining high-quality natural materials with refined and functional design, we create unique environments for each wine cellar.

Our specialization lies in custom wine cellar design, where we merge functional efficiency with contemporary aesthetics. Each wine cellar we design is customized and welcoming, providing the perfect environment to store and showcase the best wines.

We believe that a wine cellar should not only preserve your collection but also be a work of art.

Exquisite wine cellar Interior with custom woodwork

We exclusively employ top-quality materials and cutting-edge technologies to give your wine cellar an elegant and refined atmosphere. Our team of craftsmen is passionate about every detail, ensuring that your wine cellar is a prestigious space to host friends and fellow wine enthusiasts – a wine cellar to be lived in.

At Winest, we have unwavering faith in our work, and we guarantee a final result that aligns with your every need. Discover excellence in wine cellar design with Winest, where your fine wines find their perfect home. Contact us today to bring your dream wine cellar to life.
Our team

Paolo Panizzolo

Following twenty years of experience in the construction field, and several high-quality orders, he decided now to follow his passions and combine them in a new reality: Winest. Lover of craftsmanship, creativity and quality, he decided to plunge in a new adventure involving wine and crafts.

Massimo Parlato

Wine has always been an important part of his life. Wine is a passion and a profession. He worked for many years to disseminate the multifarious history of the wines and their territories. Massimo believes that the cellar could be an ideal place to develop ideas, dreams and good feelings, through the right choice of shapes, materials and - clearly - the most suitable wine for every occasion. For Winest he chose to develop this concept focusing on the use of natural elements and materials.

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