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Premium Materials to give you the best wine cellar

Winest's expertise and meticulous material selection bring you wine room designs that seamlessly blend aesthetics, refinement, and functionality.

At Winest, we understand that crafting prestigious wine rooms hinges on choosing the finest materials. Whether it's for crafting wine racks to house your most treasured bottles or creating bespoke furniture, our materials are characterized by top-notch quality and longevity. Our extensive experience in construction and artisanal craftsmanship is perfectly aligned with the latest trends in wine room design. We infuse your wine room with the warmth and allure of exquisite woods, the robustness and elegance of premium stones, and the expert craftsmanship of skilled artisans.

5elements for Fine Wines Rooms Designs.


Wood plays a pivotal role, mirroring its significance in wine barrels made from various woods like oak, chestnut, and acacia. We tailor solutions to enrich spaces and volumes, selecting boards with distinct fibers and enhancing grains and knots to perfection.

Expertly shaped and molded by skilled hands, iron brings an ancient charm to your wine room's furnishings. Through a blend of traditional techniques and cutting-edge technologies, we create distinct structures and finishes to personalize each wine room.

Raw, natural stone, formed over geological eras, is thoughtfully chosen, then meticulously worked to enhance its inherent characteristics. This craftsmanship makes it suitable for any wine room setting.

Ancient terracotta tiles, placed directly on the ground, serve as excellent wine room flooring. Their capillarity raises moisture, creating an ideal wine storage environment. Warmth and durability underscore their perfect usability.

This versatile material offers various design possibilities, from partitioning spaces to supporting bottles, often combined with metals for unique effects. When expertly lit, it creates elegant wine room environments with striking visual impact.
Ready to transform your space with an exquisite wine room design?
Discover the art of blending aesthetics, quality materials, and functionality with Winest. Explore our portfolio of premium wood, iron, stone, terracotta, and glass elements to create a wine room that reflects your style and passion for fine wine.
Elevate your wine experience today; contact us to discuss your dream wine room project!
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