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High quality materials for your cellar

Winest provides its own experience and specific knowledge to choose the best materials to create cellars that perfectly combine aesthetics, taste and functionality.

We know well that to create prestigious cellars it is essential to carefully select the right materials: whether they would be used for the shelving where you can collect your most precious bottles of wine, or to create unique pieces of furniture, they will always have high quality characteristics and durability. Our experience in the construction and artisan sector is combined with an eye on the latest trends in the world of wine cellar design.
We will transfer the charm and warmth of the most beautiful woods, the sturdiness and refinement of the noblest stones and the artisan knowledge of expert and competent hands to your cellar.
5elements for quality cellars.

An element of great importance also for its affinity with wine: barrels of various essences such as oak, chestnut and acacia are made with it. According to your needs, we will find the best solutions to enhance environments and volumes, we will choose boards with particular fibers and we will enhance the grain and knots.

A metal with an ancient flavor that, skillfully shaped and molded by the hands of professional craftsmen, will become one of the main elements for the furnishing of your wine cellar. By combining traditional processes and cutting-edge technologies, we will be able to create unique structures and finishes to customize each wine cellar.

Given raw by nature after a rest that crosses the geological eras, the stone will be carefully chosen among the various types and conformations to be then worked with skill and passion to enhance its characteristics, making it suitable for any environment.

The ancient terracotta tiles, laid directly on the ground below, are an excellent flooring for wine cellars because they are able to raise moisture by capillarity and therefore create an ideal environment for storing wine. Warmth and resistance underline its perfect usability.

A material that comes in a variety of design possibilities, from the compartmentalization of environments to use with bottle support functions, often combined with metals, offering unique effects if expertly lit to create elegant environments with a sure visual impact.
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